Magtag Cover

Reducing Space Debris

The capstone team I led in my final year at the University of Colorado was tasked with designing a cover for a magnetic interface exposed to Low Earth Orbit. We worked with a local startup, Altius Space Machines, to design and build a prototype that uses their interface to protect a satellite data connection while in orbit and launch.

This project challenged each of my team members to learn the science behind magnetic systems, which was very unfamiliar at the start of the year. We applied this knowledge, from testing and research, to turn out a product that exceeded the expectations of the CEO of Altius, JonathanGoff.

Colorado Haiti


Water Cistern Build Manual

The town of Petit-Trou-De-Nippes of western Haiti experiences droughts in the winter months. We were tasked with finding a way to collect, store, and dispense water for small "victory gardens" to maintain a supplemental food supply during these months. Our output to the Colorado Haiti Project was a build manual written in both Frensh and English that they could provide to their associates in Haiti to educate families in the construction of concrete cisterns



Brayton Cycle Design/Analysis

In 2016, for my Thermodynamics course, I managed the build of a jet engine that was designed around a car turbo.

The challenges we experienced were in a safe, effective design that was also as inexpensive as possible.  This was helped by sourcing materials and ideas from local vendors.

We also had a difficult time acquiring the necessary sensors to get the appropriate data needed to analyze the Brayton cycle of our engine. In the end, we were able to get enough of the right data points to solve the equations we used in the classroom.


Ignition System Test

Ignition System Test
Ignition System Test

Ignition System Test

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Fuel Mixture Test

Fuel Mixture Test

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Night Test

Night Test

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Star Wars Combo Bass Amps

Aesthetics of Design

In 2019 I completed a project that had been in my mind for quite some time. I had been wanting to modify and customize a bass amp. As part of an Aesthetics of Design course I was taking I tasked myself with rebuilding two bass amps in the style of Star Wars set design, specifically referencing Scarif Base stormtroopers from Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

With help from my bandmate I was able to build MDF enclosures for two Acoustic brand amps. The "story" behind these amps is that they are signal transmitters stolen from the Empire by rebels, who have since heavily modified the transmitters to send coded messages across vast distances. 


Challenging Slavery in Maryland

Exhibit Design

For four semesters starting in 2006 I worked with a diverse team of artists to produce an exhibition that was housed in two museums in Baltimore, the Maryland Historical Society and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture.

I started the project on the exhibit design team, responsible for the layout and placement of the items in the exhibit. Before the project came to a close I joined the media team to help create and edit video and audio pieces to augment the work installed in the exhibit. 

The exhibition included historical artifacts, existing artwork, and artwork created explicitly for this exhibition. 


At Freedom's Door Booklet