Mechanical Engineer

Program Analyst

Project  Management

MagTag Cover for Altius Space Machines

I led a team of 5 engineering students in the development of a CubeSat cover. I utilized an adaptive leadership style to accommodate the myriad personalities and backgrounds that this team presented. 

I assisted in the research of magnetic circuits, which led us to implement a design-by-testing approach that helped us define our system and the requirements by which we could verify our prototype.

My team faced adversity in the form of multiple scope changes and a massive budget reduction, but we were able to produce a prototype that exceeded customer expectations. 


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Systems Engineering

Defining and delivering effective systems

For my work as a lead field engineering technician and on each of my undergraduate projects I have applied the principles of agile development in order to adapt on the fly to change.

The most effective leadership comes from someone who has worked in the trenches; in order to interface between customers and engineering teams, you need to speak both languages. My engineering work, my sales experience around the country, and my background in entertainment have enabled me to function well face-to-face and in front of a large crowd of diverse stakeholders.

Human Factors

Sapien-focused engineering design

I am an amateur pilot working towards my private certificate. I have studied color theory for both its aesthetic appeal in graphic design and its applicable utility in crew cabins. These skills have led me to study and practice the fundamentals of effective human factors design.

I understand the unspoken communication that takes place in design. I know how to implement this communication within human interface experiences. 


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