Star Wars Bass Amplifiers

May 13, 2019

I am going to begin to blog the progress I made on a pair of combo bass amplifiers that I designed to fit the aesthetic of Star Wars.


I wanted these amps to look like components taken off the set of a Star Wars production, but I was not interested in ripping off any current production designs.


Below are some sketches of very early designs, and a photograph of the larger 200-watt amp I used for the base bass amp. The sketches are based very heavily on the look of the amps before modifications were made. I intended to build entirely new cabinets for both amps (I was also modifying a 50-watt amp). Both amps were originally made by Acoustic, a brand that I have enjoyed using over the years.



 I wanted the amps to be separated for transport but latched together for wheeling into venues and stability while in use. I also needed the 200-watt amp to send the signal of the bass to the smaller 50-watt amp on top. 


My next post will feature a few images from early in the design process and will discuss the details of the aesthetic.


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